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Talent Strategy
By always adhering to deem talents as the firstresources,Huatai specializes in establishing a fair, competitive, incentive and efficient employment mechanism and creatinga working environmentconducive to personality development of its employees. The Company open channels to attract talents, use talents without overstressing qualifications, try to cultivate talents, motivate talents to meetneeds andretain talents by emotional input to maximize the potential of human resources.The Companyspecializes inscientific and technological innovation, technological progress and talent development strategy.

Opening channels to attract talents

In line with the principle of "Equal competition, strict assessment, enroll on the basis of competitive selection and two-way choice", Huatai breaks the geographical boundaries to establish a reasonable mobiles employment system, so more than 70% of its employees is from all over the country. The Company each year to actively participate in the recruitment meeting of talents throughout the country, and perennially recruittalent vianetwork.

Using talents without overstressing qualifications

The Company has established a competition and assessment mechanism to boldly enable outstanding young talents. In Huatai,a few leaders at the decision-making level are outstanding young entrepreneurs who have worked hardin the mall for more than ten years, and a group of managersunder their commandare mostlypromoted to the leadership positionsafter graduating from a college in Huatai and then exercising at the grassroots a few years. The Company usestalents without overstressing qualifications by position rotation, job shift, promotion and other means according to the principle of competition for position and has cultivated a large number of young managers with excellent comprehensive quality.

Trying to cultivate talents

The Company attaches importance to modern corporate management, constantly increase the investment in corporate management and technological innovation input, andfounded a training schoolfor its employeesto carry out various forms of professional training and to continuously enhancethe quality of employees, which continually vitalize the Company and which make the Company in the continuous developmentonthe modern road.

Motivate talents tomeet needs

According toMaslow's theory of different groups' requiring different level of demand, the Company analyzesneeds of different groups of employeesand takes different incentives to meet their needs.The Company invested a lot of money in the establishment ofdormitory building,staff canteen, providing its employees with a comfortable working and living environment. The Companyhas established theold-age insurance systemfor its employees to allow them to have living dependence without worry. The Company has developed a strict assessment system to allow the results of assessment to direct hinge with wages and selection and appointment and dismiss of position, so that employees'enthusiasm will be greatly improved. Huatai respectseachemployee, and each employeeof Huatai is Huatai's owner. In front of the company's system,everyone is equal.

Retain talents

The Company retain talents mainly from the prospect, feeling and welfare, having a bright future. In the next few years, the Company will broke up its output value and scale severalfold. The Company is moving towards the goal of collectivizing. On the way to the rapid development, every employee of the Company obtain opportunities to keep the passion of entrepreneurshipwith the company in its own rapid growth. Secondly, the Company does well in the emotional input; the chairman is a high-powered to attract a large number of outstanding professional managers.In terms of welfare, we realize that employees are the greatest wealth of our company, so we will provide employees with benefits that are higher than the welfare of the same companies.
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