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Company Profile
Suzhou Huatai Airtech Filter Co., Ltd. is a professional company with 40 years’ history. It is focus on making a variety of general, fine, HEPA and ULPA filters, and also making HEPA box, FFU, laminar flow hood, Negative Pressure Weighing Room and Isolators. It is the largest filter manufacturer in China.

The company was established known as No.2 factory of Sujing Group. It began to make filters for Sujing group from 1970s.It is one of the earliest manufacturers of air filters in China. In order to introduce advanced abroad technology, Suzhou Huatai Airtech filter Co., Ltd. was established for joint venture by Wu Jing purification equipment Co., Ltd. (No.2 factory of Sujing Group), Japan Airtech Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Sujing Group in Suzhou in 1998.

Huatai has 240 employees, covering an area of about 40000 square meters. The company has three international advanced mini-pleat filter production lines, which can make filters of thickness from 18mm to 300mm. These production lines are the leading level of filter industry in the world. 350-degree high temperature resistance filters can meet the GMP standard. In additional, the company has designed and developed CRABS, isolator and other purification equipment which has also been highly approved by customers. With the rapid development of LCD and semiconductor industry, Huatai began to get involved in the airborne molecular contaminants controlling field from 2010, and had done a lot of experiments using American instrument of ThermoFisher, and also developed several kinds of chemical filters for field application, which had help customers solved a lot of tough problems.

Huatai has passed the ISO9001 quality certification system in Dec. 1998, and re-passed new version of the ISO9001-2000 quality system and ISO14001 environmental system at the end of 2001.

In order to maintain the leading position in the industry, Huatai has actively participated in the formulation of a number of national standards, also kept in deep cooperation with the Fudan University, Tianjin University and Tongji University.

For Strengthen the company's brand building, the company registered the "TAIJING" trademark in 2009, and in 2016 the " TAIJING " trademark was redesigned and upgraded, so that it would be more in accordance with the future development of the company's strategy.

Mission: To provide you the systematic solutions with excellent technique and professional service for your clean room.

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