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Clean equipment
In view of the increasingly strict GMP requirements, the pharmaceutical industry is paying more and more attention to the control and protection of particles and bacteria in the production environment, so the requirements for cleaning and sterility are becoming more stringent. At the same time for some toxic products, a higher level of protection is required for the operators, so the isolation technology is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

-According to the customer process needs, size and function (temperature and humidity, and relative pressure difference) can be customized.

-Vertical unidirectional flow or eddy flow is used to protect product and personnel, with the A-level clean grade and with air return circulation (or bag-in and bag-out).

-Used in filling lines, ovens, freeze or moist heat sterilizers, three in one, and discharge, weighing, liquid dosing, sterility test and other sites.

-A variety of verification tests can be carried out, VHP sterilization and interface with a variety of containers and system

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