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Clean equipment
-Equal air velocity automatic constant
-Fan control is simple, easy to operate
-Excellent air distribution performance
-Unique large air flow, low vibration, and low noise
-Fan box is separated from filter, easy to remove and replace

FFU series fan filtering unit adopts the latest technology, suitable for 100000-1000 level environment to get 100-1 level clean environment, which provides high-quality clean air in the clean room and micro environment of the different size and different level of cleanliness. In the new clean room, clean plant or refurbishment, this unit is used to improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, and also to greatly reduce costs, which is an ideal part in the clean environment.

>Components and operating conditions

Notes: “S” means that the box is made of stainless steel; “-AZ” means that the box material is galvanized steel plate; FFU can be installing from the bottom equipping with a liquid sealant filter.

>FFU single control
-Small size, low noise, smooth operation, and high reliability
-Three gears are used to adjust the wind speed, so that FFU is always in the best working condition.

>Most advantage of AC FFU
-Speed control program is mature and speed control system is stable, to ensure the long-term trouble-free continuous operation.
-Easy to operate, the control system cost is low.

>FFU group control system
FFU multi-machine control system includes upper computer control unit, lower computer control unit and FFU unit. This system adopts upper computer to provide main control, to achieve the speed control for multiple machines and multiple sets through COM port using RS232/485 communication way, having many functions such as polling inspection, alarm, wind speed setting, and unit address setting. This system has advantages such as easy operation, high reliability, and convenient field installation, especially for sites with high level clean environment and strict requirements for wind speed, which is an ideal product for purification of system.

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